A Legendary Romance
A Legendary Romance

Book by Timothy Prager
Music & Lyrics by Geoff Morrow

Produced by the New London Barn Playhouse
August 2013
Directed by Carol Dunne
Choreography by Keith Coughlin
Music Direction by Eric Fotre Leach
Orchestrations by Joel Mercier
Scenic Design by Jordan Janotta
Costume Design by Becky Bodurtha
Lighting Design by Mike McGee

Orchestrated for a 5 peice band:
Conductor/Keys 1, Keys 2, Reed (Flute, Clarinet & Tenor Sax), Trumpet, & Percussion

Retired and forgotten, film producer Joseph Lindy is contacted by Oracle Films who have made a movie around the events of his life. It's an awkward situation. They had no idea he was still alive. Joseph is invited to see a screening of the film. They need him to sign off on it, for a payment, and avoid any legal problems over the content. To Joseph's horror, the Legendary Romance of the title is not the one between Joseph and his fiancé, Billie Hathaway, a rising star, but rather the passionate romance between Billie and Joseph's former business partner, Vincent Connor. Joseph is tortured by the film's content and begins to remember how the events of his life occurred. Once lost in his memory he begins to edit and reconstruct his past like he would a film - revising the history of his relationships with Billie and Vincent and justifying the decisions they each made.

Legendary Romance 1
Legendary Romance 2
Legendary Romance 3
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